Adjust Nedir ? Ne Demek ?

Adjust Kelime Anlamı Nedir ?

1-)Düzeltmek, Ayarlamak

2-)Düzeltmek, uydurmak, alıştırmak , ayar etmek adjustable ayar edilebilir, düzeltilebilir uydurulabilir

3-)Ayarlamak; uydurmak, alıştırmak, alışmak; düzeltmek; belirlemek, halletmek



6-)f. ayar etmek, ayarlamak.

Bu bilgi faydalı oldu mu ?


Kelime Türü Nedir ?

Bu kelime Bilgisayar Terimidir.

  • Furthermore, Scottish goods would suddenly start to price themselves out of Scotland ' s biggest export market England ! The Irish and Spanish, as members of the euro, were powerless to Adjust their interest rates that encouraged a speculative property bubble and are now paying the penalty with a property crash.
  • Now, their eight years in the limelight sharing power with Labour is over, and the party is having to Adjust to the obscurity of opposition.
  • However, Professor Mollison says another answer would be to Adjust the STV rules to give voters the right to rank two or more candidates as of equal preference.
  • Americans are going through election withdrawal, trying to Adjust to life without poll numbers.
  • Many critics think the Tories have been slow to Adjust to the reality that there is no more money for some years to come " In some ways the recession should have made it easier for David and George because no one will be looking for serious tax cuts for the next five years or so, " says one Tory ex-Treasury minister.
  • No, the big effort has to be to Adjust to a world in which the price of this finite and dirty resource is going to stay high.
  • This, of course, is one reason why the trade unions habitually distrust co-ownership; but on the other hand, in times of difficulty they show impressive ' durability under fire ' , preferring to Adjust pay rather than jobs when business is slow and preserving employment throughout the business cycle; none of the Employee Ownership Association members is called Persimmon or Bovis or Redrow.
  • As you Adjust your thermostat for the rising temperature, remember to Adjust your workout program, too.
  • Fourth, we know that a common way that people Adjust to a crisis situation is avoidance.
  • Certain Liverpool players have been slow to Adjust to his cold methodology, although they have come to respect it.

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