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  • Mr Clarke is the only one Among Them old enough to remember what it is like coming out of opposition into government.
  • The hawkish Among Them about tackling terrorism have sympathy with the case for giving the police further powers.
  • Independence Day has seen its fair share of baseball moments - Among Them Lou Gehrig ' s famous 1939 retirement speech, a 1983 no-hitter by the Yankees ' Dave Righetti vs Boston, and an epic 19-inning encounter between the Braves and Mets ( it ended on July 5 ) in 1985.
  • In many patients, symptoms can be set off by large meals or certain foods, Among Them wheat, rye, barley, chocolate, milk products, alcohol, coffee, tea and colas.
  • They described the role of various drug options, Among Them low doses of antidepressants, antibiotics for patients with an overgrowth of intestinal bacteria, the over-the-counter drug Imodium for patients with diarrhea, water-absorbing laxatives for patients with constipation, and probiotics, a nonprescription combination of healthful bacteria.
  • Matching donor and recipient is especially crucial when doctors transplant cells that produce blood cells because Among Them are cells that attack foreign invaders.
  • Among Them are some of the world ' s biggest - one third of the Fortune 500 are substantially family-owned or family-controlled companies, for example.

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