Apply Nedir ? Ne Demek ?

Apply Kelime Anlamı Nedir ?



3-)Uygulamak, tatbik etmek

4-)Atfetmek, vermek

5-)Tahsis etmek, hasretmek, ayırmak

6-)Mahsus olmak, ait olmak, taalluk etmek

7-)Müracaat etmek, başvurmak apply a match kibritle tutuşturmak

8-)Başvurmak, uygun düşmek, müracaat etmek, uygun olmak, gitmek (birine), ilgisi olmak, ilgili olmak, uygulamak; sürmek, kullanmak; yapıştırmak (bant)


10-)f. 1. to/for -e başvurmak, -e müracaat etmek: Apply to the head physician´s office. Baştabipliğe başvurun. 2. uygulamak, tatbik etmek: You can´t apply that rule in this situation. Bu durumda o kuralı uygulayamazsın. 3. to -i içermek, -i kapsamak, -i ilgilendirmek: This doesn´t apply to you. Bu seni içermiyor. 4. (merhem v.b.´ni) sürmek; (boya v.b.´ni) vurmak. 5. (bazı aletleri/aygıtları) kullanmak: Apply the brakes gently. Frene yavaşça bas.

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  • Try surviving on fast-deflating savings as interest rates crash and the income dries up or Apply for a mortgage to move home only to yourself trapped as loans are rationed.
  • The study focussed mainly on Westminster elections, but the findings could equally Apply to Holyrood.
  • They know that citizens of both countries have equality before the law, although a growing number tell opinion pollsters that only MPs representing English constituencies should be able to vote on laws that only Apply in England.
  • De Coubertin ' s idea of the satisfaction to be had from taking part rather than winning refers to long jumpers etc it doesn ' t Apply to businesses being given the runaround.
  • Unfortunately, before this becomes obvious, the WSP may have persuaded this Holyrood government to Apply its well-intentioned but woolly solutions to the objective of eliminating prostitution in Scotland.
  • The pressures I ' ve described don ' t Apply to NHS Lothian alone, but they are more pronounced here because the greater number of overseas migrants swell the numbers of people moving here from other parts of the UK.
  • Note, however, that it ' s she, and not successive Justice Ministers, who have made the running in reforming how we Apply the law in this country.
  • Our politicians should Apply themselves to the world as it is today, not hark back to a skewed vision of a past age.
  • McCain has always, genuinely, believed in dismantling government regulations, and there he was, vowing to create new comprehensive regulations that will Apply the rules and enforce them to the fullest.
  • But even if it was the biggest waste of $3 million in history even if it was money to sedate grizzlies so hairdressers could Apply attractive red tints to their fur do we want a candidate for president of the United States obsessing about it ? American voters generally dont like to elect senators to the White House.

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