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2-)Bulanık, flu, donuk

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  • And in a more oblique criticism, Mr Finnie claims the party ' s message has become " Blurred " and " lacks a distinctive Liberal Democrat edge ".
  • The clarity of the demarcation line between the Scottish section and the Labour Party became Blurred as the ideas grew on devolved responsibility for the delivery of public services.
  • Croaky moments usually pass in silence, with just perhaps a tightening of the knuckles on the armchair or a Blurred clearing of the throat.
  • The faultline is manifested in the way that the Thatcherite trinity of privatisation, deregulation and ' profit above public service ' has Blurred the lines of managerial responsibility in this country to the point where it is usually difficult and often impossible to find where true responsibility lies.
  • Modern banking is said to be too complicated and the edges between commercial and investment banking too Blurred to allow for the re-introduction of anything quite as crude as Glass-Steagall.
  • Instead I pleaded to be driven to Heanor Town football ground, a some-time Sunday league venue, and took a Blurred snap through a barbed wire fence which cured me instantly of my youthful obsession.

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