Distant Nedir ? Ne Demek ?

Distant Kelime Anlamı Nedir ?

1-)Uzak, ırak (yer veya zaman)

2-)Soğuk, ağır, mesafeli (kimse)

3-)Belirsiz, hafif

4-)Uzak, ırak, uzakta, mesafeli; hafif; soğuk


6-)s. 1. uzak, ırak (yer/zaman). 2. soğuk, mesafeli (kimse).

Bu bilgi faydalı oldu mu ?


  • The result of all this is that the Irish, and only the Irish, can save us from the Distant and detached, power-hungry politicians who want to transfer more powers to Brussels and Strasbourg ( one Parliament just isn ' t enough ) by adopting a treaty that will create a proper European president, a European foreign minister, a foreign service with EU embassies, other European ministers and eventually a European cabinet.
  • As Berlin summarises Herzens position : No Distant ends, no appeals to overriding principles, or abstract nouns can justify the suppression of liberty, or fraud, violence and tyranny.
  • Nothing I heard in Brighton, Blackpool and Bournemouth approached the eloquence and moral force of Stoppard/Herzens final speech rejecting historical necessity : What kind of beast is it, this Ginger Cat with its insatiable appetite for human sacrifice ? This Moloch who promises that everything will be beautiful after were dead ? A Distant end is not an end but a trap.
  • Gordon Brown picked Edward Heath ' s " forensic " destruction of the Tory case for restoring hanging in 1981, David Cameron his own Distant relative Duff Cooper ' s anti-appeasement speech on resigning from the Chamberlain government in 1938.
  • From Distant Brazil ( are they all Catholics or animists ? ) Gordon Brown has confirmed his support " in principle " for a backbench bill being promoted at Westminster today by the gnomic Lib Dem MP, Dr Evan Harris.
  • He went into Inters game with Manchester United last night complaining about the leniency of Distant disciplinary decisions affecting Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic.
  • Despite all the glossy leaflets and newspaper adverts that were bought to promote Mr Hain, he came a Distant also-ran in the contest for the deputy leadership.
  • And despite surgery, many will still need glasses for reading as they get older, even if the problem of seeing Distant objects is resolved.
  • News of a footballer ' s car with windows so tinted that there ' s confusion as to whether it qualifies as a car at all suggests we ' ve arrived at a Distant extreme.
  • On the other hand - and wearing a Holyfield hat - you could say it ' s also a measure of the Real Deal ' s continued pulling power, and his gilded ( albeit increasingly Distant ) history as one of the modern greats.

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