Hung Nedir ? Ne Demek ?

Hung Kelime Anlamı Nedir ?

1-)Yapılmakta olan bir çalışmanın, program ya da sistemce kilitlenmesi(Bils.), Bilgisayar ekranında herşey normal gibi görülmesine karşın, yapılmakta olan çalışmanın program ya da sistemce kilitlenmesi,

2-)Asmak, takmak, sarkıtmak, kaplamak (duvar kağıdı), ipe çekmek, sarkmak, asılı durmak, asılmak, bağlanmak, dayanmak, bağlı olmak, eğilmek, batmak


4-)Asılmış, asılı

5-)f., bak. hang 2. s. asılmış, asılı.

Bu bilgi faydalı oldu mu ?


  • I don ' t see Mugabe going until he ' s bayoneted by a mob and Hung upside down like that other fascist, Mussolini.
  • But it doesn ' t get Hung up on the issues that are seen as newsworthy " However, a leading Liberal Democrat said the report is " disappointing " " The early signals are it is not going to produce radical measures.
  • Translated into seats, the latest findings would mean a Hung parliament with Labour as the biggest party.
  • And he declared his preference for dealing with a Hung parliament on an issue by issue basis.
  • And if the polls suggest a Hung parliament, the SNP will say voting for it is the best way to maximise Scotland ' s influence.
  • She ' ll regret having done so if a fall guy is needed and she ' s Hung out to dry because someone in the hierarchy has to admit to having known that police would be entering the environs of Westminster to try and prove something sinister was being hatched.
  • And for weeks, it has all Hung on State Senator Abel Maldonado, the above-mentioned broccoli farmer.
  • So a Hung Parliament with no overall majority is a distinct possibility.
  • Though such percentages dispel dreams of a Hung parliament, Nick Clegg ' s troops remain more cheerful than Labour MPs.
  • And what about the unreconstructed RBS board ' s role in all this ? Did it mislead ministers at a time when their minds were focused on saving the tottering banking system, not on individual pensions ? And is it significant, for instance, that Fred Hung on until after he passed his 50th birthday on 17 August last year, a significant pension milestone ? Such answers are above my paygrade.

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Hung kelimesi anlamı 1 defa okunmuştur. [186899] Hung kelime anlamı, Hung nedir, Hung ne demek, Hung sözlük anlamı

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