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1-)Doğum Uzmanı

2-)Doğum mütehassısı.

3-)Doğum uzmanı, ebe, doğum doktoru

4-)i. doğum uzmanı.

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  • Consultant Obstetrician Dr Maggie Blott, of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, disputed the claims, saying caesareans could be life-saving and the number of women having them for non-medical reasons was ' tiny ' .
  • Dr Prasad said : ' I was doing my job, but I was in a complete state of shock, I couldn ' t think, I was trying to be useful in anything I could ' I went in at that point in time with a particular plan and it didn ' t happen ' It was completely out of the blue and the equipment was not giving way, so I didn ' t know what to do, it completely numbed me, it was not what I was expecting ' The inquest was told that just before 7pm the Obstetrician started the operation and the baby was delivered.
  • Dr Rhona Hughes, a consultant Obstetrician who helped draft the guidelines, said : " There ' s no evidence of definite harm of drinking that level of alcohol per week, but we are unable to guarantee women that there will be no harm " The advice was to avoid alcohol if possible.
  • In October, consultant Obstetrician Pat O ' Brien, wrote in the British Medical Journal that women should decide for themselves whether they wanted to drink small amounts in pregnancy.

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