Turbo Nedir ? Ne Demek ?

Turbo Kelime Anlamı Nedir ?

1-)Türbin ile çalışan, türbinli.

2-)Havanın veya havaya katılmış bir karışımın üflenerek düzenli ve amaca uygun olarak oluşan, sağlayan,

3-)Havayı veya havaya katılmış bir karışımı, düzenli ve amaca uygun olarak üfleyen.

Bu bilgi faydalı oldu mu ?


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This device uses exhaust gas to boost engine power A small, lightweight turbine inserted into the exhaust manifold spins as exhaust gas goes speeding past On the other side of the turbine shaft, fresh air is then compressed into the intake manifold The more air that goes into the engine, the more power it can make Unlike other forms of boosting intake pressure, the turbo used a virtually 'free' source of energy in the form of waste gas The knock on early 'turbos' was a 'lag,' caused by the delay while the turbo came up to operating speed every time you floored the accelerator Materials and technology advances have virtually eliminated this deficiency Used judiciously, a turbo can actually improve fuel economy.
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The turbo is an exhaust-driven air/fuel compressor It increases the atmosperic pressure in the engin, resulting in added horsepower.
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The head Guardian, also called Prime Guardian Leader of the Guardian collective RB:.
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Term used to describe the normal high speed of a processor.
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Turbos were pioneered in F1 by Renault in 1977, and lasted until 1988 The power generated by the turbine devices was extraordinary, with qualifying trim reaching outputs of over 1200 horsepower.
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