Acceptable Nedir

Acceptable Nedir ? Acceptable Ne demek ?


2-)Kabul olunabilir, makbul be acceptable makbule geçmek.

3-)Kabul edilebilir, uygun, kabul edilir, makbul, makul, geçerli, geçer; elle tutulur

4-)s. kabul edilir, makbul.

Bu bilgi faydalı oldu mu ?


Kelime Türü Nedir ?

Bu kelime Bilgisayar Terimidir.

  • I'm not suggesting creating a level playing field by allowing competitors to get tanked up before their races etc, but maybe the London Games could also be the focus for a root and branch look at what are Acceptable substances and what are not.
  • Everyone has their own opinion on what is Acceptable dramatic behaviour, and the point at which it becomes too removed from reality, too cruel, too violent or too antisocial to be portrayed in films, TV or DVDs.

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Acceptable kelimesi anlamı 40 defa okunmuştur. [1787] Acceptable kelime anlamı, Acceptable nedir, Acceptable ne demek, Acceptable sözlük anlamı