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Accountability Nedir ? Accountability Ne demek ?

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  • Surely a more clever idea would be for Goldie to actually advocate the policy openly and so attract new votes to the Tories from people who don't want to vote SNP but do want Labour out and greater Accountability in Edinburgh ? It drives me to drink THE brave new world of an independent Scotland occasionally peeps through and this week was no exception when Edinburgh's SNP Lib Dem council denied two petrol stations a licence to continue alcohol sales in their M&S-run outlets.
  • We need more financial Accountability for the parliament"We can't just have assigned revenues, we have got to get the right mixture"This backbencher also argues for some shift in legislative powers as well as financial ones, with control of firearms perhaps the most obvious candidate for transfer from Westminster to Holyrood.

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Accountability kelimesi anlamı 22 defa okunmuştur. [1883] Accountability kelime anlamı, Accountability nedir, Accountability ne demek, Accountability sözlük anlamı