Accumulate Nedir

Accumulate Nedir ? Accumulate Ne demek ?


2-)Toplamak, biriktirmek, yığmak, toplanmak; birikmek


4-)Toplamak , biriktirmek

5-)Birikmek, çoğalmak, yığılmak.


7-)f. toplamak, biriktirmek; toplanmak, birikmek, yığılmak.

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Kelime Türü Nedir ?

Bu kelime Teknik bir Terimdir.

  • As men age and Accumulate toxins from the diet or through their lungs, sexual activity may help release them.
  • At least Tony Mowbray's players are doing what they expected to be doing - scrapping for every point and hoping they can Accumulate enough to still be in with a fighting chance in April - and at least they are not yet hopelessly adrift, though the loss of key defender Abdoulaye Mt with a hamstring strain for up to six weeks will not help their cause.

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Accumulate kelimesi anlamı 26 defa okunmuştur. [1913] Accumulate kelime anlamı, Accumulate nedir, Accumulate ne demek, Accumulate sözlük anlamı