Additional Nedir

Additional Nedir ? Additional Ne demek ?


2-)Ek, fazladan, ilave, ekstra, ilave edilen, katma

3-)s. biraz daha, ilave edilen, eklenilen.

Bu bilgi faydalı oldu mu ?


Kelime Türü Nedir ?

Bu kelime Teknik bir Terimdir.

  • Edinburgh needs to be given greater recognition for all the security work it does as the Capital, through Additional financial support, so that dealing with local crime is not sacrificed at the expense of protecting politicians, dignitaries or demonstrators.
  • Edinburgh education convener Marilyne MacLaren declared :"Such a policy will be very difficult if insufficient Additional money is available to fund it"Then Mr Swinney announced another freeze in the council tax for next year, while planning to give councils just 70m the same as last year to compensate them for foregoing an increase, despite inflation and soaring fuel costs.

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