Adhere Nedir

Adhere Nedir ? Adhere Ne demek ?

1-)Bağlı Ol

2-)Yapış?Mak, bağ?lanmak, bitiş?tirmek, bağ?lı kalmak, katılmak

3-)f. to 1. -e yapışmak. 2. -e sadık kalmak, -e bağlı kalmak.

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Kelime Türü Nedir ?

Bu kelime Teknik bir Terimdir.

  • This has upset a number of his supporters who desperately want a president who will Adhere firmly to his positions, even when they become totally irrational.
  • We did not ask her doctor explicitly, Do you agree with this approach and will you promise to Adhere to our mothers wishes ? As more and more Americans live beyond the eighth decade, when the risk of dementia rises significantly, cases in which a doctor chooses medical intervention in the presence or absence of a patients wishes are likely to become more common.

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