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2-)Delikanlı, genç, büyümekte olan.

3-)Genç, yeniyetme, delikanlı


5-)s., i. ergen, ergenlik çağında olan (genç).

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  • It may provide an explanation for why he may have rented those videos ( why do people call them " adult " when they ' re actually more likely to be " Adolescent " ? ) , but it doesn ' t provide an excuse for charging them to the public purse.
  • But the idea that Adolescent boys might disrupt Adolescent girls ' education simply by being in the same classroom should hardly have come as a surprise, any more than the news a few years back that their older sisters were ironing their boyfriends ' trousers at integrated university halls of residence.
  • The last time I read that advice was in Dreams from my Father, Barack Obama ' s first memoir : Malcolm made sense of his Adolescent racial pain in ways that other black writers didn ' t, he wrote.
  • I know, I know, a daft, Adolescent thing to do.
  • Repeated conversations among Adolescent girls, particularly about romantic disappointments, worsens their mood and creates negative emotions, she said.
  • But the growth of electronic communication could result in more co-rumination between Adolescent males.
  • Repeated conversations among Adolescent girls, particularly about romantic disappointments, worsen their mood and create negative emotions, according to the study ' There is a wealth of communication technology available to teens today that allows them to talk over and over again about the same emotional difficulties, ' said Dr Joanne Davila, the psychology professor who led the research ' Texting, instant messaging and social networking make it very easy for Adolescents to become even more anxious, which can lead to depression ' Teenage friends have always chatted about their problems, asking each other why a boy didn ' t call or if they should break up with a boyfriend, she added.
  • Three New Zealand national surveys involving 25,722 Adolescent smokers who used this checklist revealed a loss of autonomy in 25 percent to 30 percent of young people who had smoked their one and only cigarette during the preceding month.
  • Further evidence of how easily youngsters become addicted to nicotine comes from studies of quit rates among Adolescent smokers.
  • In the May issue of The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, the researchers reported that children knew a lot more about the location of guns in the home and were far more likely to have handled those guns than their parents thought.

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