Arrangements Nedir ? Ne Demek ?

Arrangements Kelime Anlamı Nedir ?

1-)Tertibat, tedarik planı (yiyecek, içecek ve kalacak yer), yatacak yerler; planlı eylem planı (özellikle bir görev veya olay hazırlığ?ı için)

Bu bilgi faydalı oldu mu ?


  • Give the money back The outrage at the news that Sir Fred Goodwin ex-chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland is already drawing some 650,000 a year as a part of his pension Arrangements with his former employer is widespread and genuine.
  • Private companies should be free to set their own Arrangements so they can attract the best people possible but this deal stinks.
  • Can anyone name a Lib Dem spokesman ? I like and rate Tavish Scott ( that ' s the black spot of Monteith on him, now ) but he might also wish to put his family Arrangements first he ' s young and may say the time ' s not yet right.
  • These contractual Arrangements provided a complex interdependent network where individuals and communities sought good, attractive and lasting development.
  • On the crucial question of finance, the report identifies three broad funding Arrangements : the current block grant from Westminster; assigning the revenue from taxes raised in Scotland to the Scottish Parliament; and devolving control of taxes to Holyrood.
  • The logistical Arrangements for collecting this tax would be incredible " The SNP might be close to a deal with the Lib Dems on local income tax, but parliamentary arithmetic means the Government would still be short of a majority and the votes of the two Green MSPs and independent Lothian MSP Margo MacDonald could be crucial.
  • As far as the second of these is concerned, I can ' t work out why a company such as " Rock Steady " isn ' t thought to have the adequate experience and professionalism to organise the security Arrangements for a theatrical event.
  • Decisions were taken in London, including costs of such an event, who would meet them, and how local communities would be affected by the security Arrangements etc, without as much as a by-your-leave to the First Minister and Scottish Government, or Scottish Executive as it was cajoled into calling itself by the same people who ' d never taken devolution as anything other than a wheeze to diss the SNP.
  • Here in Britain, lulled by centuries of precedent, these German and Canadian Arrangements seem unfamiliar and untidy.
  • Moreover, any new Arrangements need publicly to be seen as fulfilling external standards of ethical regulation, and probably need to be validated by an outside body.

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