Diluted Nedir ? Ne Demek ?

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1-)V.Dilüe Et:Adj.Dilüe

2-)Seyreltik, sulandırılmış, etkisi azalmış


4-)s. sulandırılmış, su katılmış.

Bu bilgi faydalı oldu mu ?


Kelime Türü Nedir ?

Bu kelime Tıp Terimidir.

  • Those who warn of Scottish identity being " Diluted " by immigration are simply showing their ignorance.
  • George Best lingered on in various Diluted forms after returning from his post-Manchester United exile.
  • By transporting Rashid to India in Diluted form, as a cricketer-style product, a leg-break-googly-flavoured humanoid, England presumably stand to save thousands in VAT alone.
  • This in itself is symbolic of the difference between the myth and the reality of the success of 11 years of Thatcherism, seven years of Thatcherism Diluted by Majorism, and 11 years of Thatcherism/ Majorism Diluted ( up to a point ) by New Labour.
  • If the English have more overseas muscle on their books, the Irish pool of homegrown talent is less Diluted with only three major provinces to cater for.
  • The manner in which Armitage grasped the red rose on his jersey indicated a man keen to demonstrate his distant selection for France U16s had not Diluted his sense of pride.

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