Fundamentalist Nedir

Fundamentalist Nedir ? Fundamentalist Ne demek ?

1-)Fundamentalizm yanlısı olan kimse

2-)Aş?Irı tutucu kimse

Bu bilgi faydalı oldu mu ?


İngilizcesi İngilizce
Supporter of fundamentalism of or relating to or tending toward fundamentalism.
İngilizcesi İngilizce
İngilizcesi İngilizce
Person who thinks that a corporation's security prices are determined by its future earnings and dividend abilities Besides studying a corporation's financial data, they will also examine its industry and how the economy will affect the company's core business.
İngilizcesi İngilizce
Supporter of fundamentalism.
İngilizcesi İngilizce
Of or relating to or tending toward fundamentalism.

  • Mr Neil, seen as a"Fundamentalist"on the left of the SNP, stood against John Swinney, Mr Salmond's favoured candidate for the party leadership, in 2000.
  • Yet they remain unclear on how you can compromise with a Fundamentalist Islamist terror group committed to the destruction of America and Israel.

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