“Mini Nedir

“Mini Nedir ? “Mini Ne demek ?


2-)Küçük, Çok Küçük, Kisa, Sağir.

3-)Çok küçük veya kısa.

4-)Mini giysi


6-)Mini, küçük

7-)i., k. dili mini etek. s. mini.

8-)önek mini-, küçük.

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İngilizcesi İngilizce
Used of women's clothing; very short with hemline above the knee; 'a mini dress'; 'miniskirts'.
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From the Morris Mini Cooper, 'Mini' refers to an R/C car that is roughly 1/10 scale but models a very small real-life car like the Mini Cooper, VW Polo or the DaimlerChrysler A-Class The general difference between a Mini car and a regular sedan car is that the wheels, tires, body, suspension arms and chassis are smaller For cost-saving measures the rest of the parts are generally interchangeable, especially the drivetrain, bulkheads and shock towers.
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The MINI is the second smallest shared hosting package offered by Virtualis This option is great for the cost-conscious customer who wants a Web presence with e-commerce functionality and a robust platform at a terrific price See Also: SHARED SERVER.
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Mental Illness Needs Index.
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Of lesser strength; weaker than the usual kind.
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Connector used to carry sound, usually just for monitoring purposes e g headphones used of women's clothing; very short with hemline above the knee; 'a mini dress'; 'miniskirts'.

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