Abnormality Nedir

Abnormality Nedir ? Abnormality Ne demek ?


2-)Anormallik, olağ?andış?ılık

3-)i. anormallik.

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  • Known as the nuchal translucency test, the measurement, along with the mother's age, the age of the baby and the presence or absence of the baby's nasal bone, can calculate the likelihood of the baby having a chromosomal Abnormality 'The doctor told me he was 99 per cent sure my baby had a chromosome 18 Abnormality which was Edward's syndrome,'Miss Lewis said 'He told me there would be absolutely no quality of life for my baby and told me the best thing to do would be to have a termination 'But Jonathan and I had been trying for a baby for four years and we were not going to have an abortion so we sought a second opinion 'A scan at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester followed four days later.
  • After a nail-biting two days the results came back that my baby did not suffer from the Abnormality 'The boy was born in Rochdale in September without complications and is now doing well.

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